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    Hi, I am trying to add configurable items however have hit an issue with attributes. My site is currently broken (not allowing product exports and some other back-end functions.).

    Not sure whether there’s some-sort of limit with attributes as we have a LOT of stock items on our site. (Overall site performance hasn’t been that great lately which i’m not sure is either a DB issue OR a hosting one.).

    Is there any guidance for this or has anybody else experienced this type of issue with Oro?

    any help would be appreciated.



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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    Hi Chris,

    First, you have to figure out what is causing an issue. Usually, application logs help if there is something wrong with the application.

    If the application works well, but perform slowly, you have to find what is slowing down the system, is the overall performance is bad, or there are only some pages. When you found the slow page, you can profile it, to know the consuming resources and what is the most time-consuming part, to optimize it later, or to know what resources should be increased. Most of the time, optimizations require custom development, so the easiest and cheapest way to improve the performance is by increasing the server resources, but it is not always helpful enough.
    Here are some links that should help to profile an application and find the cause:
    Where logs are stored in an application
    https://blackfire.io/ – the good performance profiler
    OroCommerce system requirements
    OroCommerce performance optiomization recommendations



    thank you for that – your reply is focused on the performance and logs which we will investigate
    the specific point we are checking is:-
    Product attributes – can we setup any number of select attributes against product families and then use them against any number of products to link the variants what is the correct setup here in terms of type and attribute configuration – how can i check some that i have done to that setup

    we have setup a number of attributes – they are really just select attributes against product families but they appear to then cause an issue with the admin of the products within the site if all set to display on the grid
    is the best advise to set them but not put them on the grid unless you chose to?

    schema update pending – i think one of our site admins has made another change – what does this impact and must be do it out of hours when site has no activity to ensure all is stable – assume after a site backup is the best advice

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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