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    I’m not able to use composer update command in orocommerce projet :

    I recently installed a fresh orocommerce on a local VM, the installation ran fine from begining to end (congrats for the install process guys ;)).
    I made some research around supported caching features and saw here that it was possible for OroCRM to plug a redis server. I imagin that it’s a common mecanism for all oro platform based solutions and tried to follow the process described in previous link.

    So I added the appropriate require lines in composer.json
    From :

    To :

    and then ran

    in my orocommerce-application folder
    and composer crashed by consuming all memory.. I have PHP memory_limit (set to “-1”), I raised my V.M. to 2Go and then to 4Go and each time composer script is consuming all of it and crash (it takes maybe 1 or 2mn but always crash in the end).

    I removed the two lines I just added in composer.json and tried to launch again “composer update” with the nativ composer.json file but it did not change anything. I also made a composer clear-cache and then re-run composer update but it’s always the same :

    [ErrorException] proc_open(): fork failed – Cannot allocate memory

    Everything I found on internet speak about raising memory_limit to 1Go or upgrading to PHP to 5.4 at least but I’m already under PHP 5.6.24 and only limited by my 4Go allocated to the VM. I also tried to run composer self-update but I’m apparently already using the last stable version.

    is running fine by the way :).

    Any idea ?

    Clément Elgard

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    Hi Clément,

    I just checked on PHP 5.6.24 – running composer update on 1.0.0-beta.3 requires about 3G of memory available just for the command itself. Considering that you will have a lot of other processes running within your VM, I suggest you increase the memory allocated for your VM to more than 4G in order to use composer update.

    We include composer.lock file in the repository, so during the normal deployment process you do not need to run composer update, and composer install works fast and consumes little memory when composer.lock is already available.

    If during development you do need to add a new dependency, you can temporarily increase the memory allocation so that composer update or composer install commands can be completed.

    Please note, that composer is an external tool, and the OroCommerce application itself does not require so much memory.

    Thank you,
    Michael Bessolov


    Thanks Michael, indeed composer was able to use only 3Go, I stopped serveral application & services and composer was eventually able to update :).

    Clément Elgard

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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