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    Hi all,

    Not sure if this affects others, but when I tried to carry out the upgrade the fonts didn’t work, and the icons also failed, which made the system look really strange as it defaulted to Times New Roman I think?

    I had a look at the difference is the styles.css file in web\css\layout\default and found that the references to the fonts files have the folder structure “../../../../../../” when it actually needs to be “../../../” to work in my version. I reduced all of the versions with the six forward slashes to three, saved the file and cleared the prod cache and it now looks like it should do.

    Michael – this may be of some help to you, as the structure hasn’t changed enough from what I can see to require a move up another three folders – perhaps it is needed for demo.orocommerce.com?

    Hope that helps someone.


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    It may happen when you are running your OroCommerce installation in a “subfolder” (e.g. http://my.localmachine.com/subfolder/)

    The fix will be included in the next release, for now you can fix it with the following patch:

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