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    Hello, i faced with this problem.
    I want to do an export for two datagrids.
    I added the following lines in datagrids.yml

    I ran the following command

    After that I clicked the export button on pages with datagrids.
    I received two letters with the links for the download with correct filenames. But the data in the two files are the same. In two files, the export data of the first datagrid.
    How is this possible?
    but we have way for good scenario
    1) Click export button on first datagrid.
    2) run command app/console oro:message-queue:consume –env=prod -vvv
    3) stop command
    4) Click export button on second datagrid.
    5) run command app/console oro:message-queue:consume –env=prod -vvv
    how we can fix it? is it bug?

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    Hello, rychkov.evgeniy.
    Could you please clarify which version orocommerce are you using?



    Hello, igalayev, thanks for reply


    Hi, rychkov.evgeniy.

    It is known bug and it will be fixed in newest releases. Also, on latest release I can’t reproduce this bug.
    Please, update version of your application and try one more time.

    I’ll be happy to give any support if my answer did not help.



    Hi, msulima, thank you for reply. I will try to update the version.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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