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    I just installed the community edition yesterday to test it out for my company. I was wondering though if the inventory of a given product isn’t supposed to be decremented when said product is added to an order?

    I can see that Product Inventory Options are mentioned here: https://oroinc.com/b2b-ecommerce/documentation/current/user-guide/inventory#product-inventory-options

    It is not available for me though, is this only for the Enterprise edition?

    Any input will be highly appreciated.

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    Hello smash,

    Yes the inventory of a given product it can be decremented when an order is submitted. Also you have to make sure that for the product/products you have the correct configuration so the inventory is decremented.

    You can set it as a global setting in the System -> Configuration menu and from there select on the left menu Commerce -> Inventory -> Product Options and make sure that for Decrement Inventory option is selected On Order Submission .

    Also you can set this option on each product when creating or updating, under the inventory tab.

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