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    I’m fighting with frontend customization but I cannot start editing theme/layout. I want to start from basic things, for example change logo, change favicon.

    I know that I must use layout updates, I read the docs of Orocommerce – layout customization etc., but I’m doing something wrong. Maybe I’m extending wrong bundle?

    My custom bundle ACMETestBundle is loading, I can see it loaded in profiler. Code of bundle:

    Next what I did was copying default folder from resources of OroFrontendBundle into the same path in my ACMETestBundle. When I refresh page I’m getting error that components from YAML files are already declared. So I decided to leave only layout.html.twig or logo.html.twig files and change something inside, but that does not have effect, even after cache clear.

    Can somebody provide me guide how to change the OroACME Logo for example? Or just tell me what I’m doing wrong.. :/

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    Hi, r.grabosz.
    You got error due to getParent() in your Bundle class. Try to rename layout.yml or remove getParent() if you can.
    For layout updates you can use YAML files with arbitrary name.

    Also, to customize logo you can try next way:
    1. create config/assets.yml in layout theme`s folder
    2. add to file next content

    3. create scss/settings/<file-name>.scss with your customizations.
    4. Clearing cache and preparing styles.
    Run the following command in console:

    If you have additional questions fell free to ask.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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