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    Hello Community!

    OROCommerce looks revolutionary, however, I need a clarification.

    Is it designed primarily for ONE business to operate a marketplace (albeit with many divisions, websites, etc) to serve its own products to many buyers?

    Or does it also have the functionality to serve as a business trading marketplace (a bit like Sharetribe) where OROCommerce is operated by a business that allows MANY other businesses to signup and offer their own products to many buyers?

    Thank you

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    Dmitriy Pasechnik

    Hi mailgen
    Unfortunately, at current moment orocommerce can not operate as a trading platform many unrelated businesses.


    Hello mailgen,

    OroCommerce provides a lot of building blocks that can be used to create a marketplace – flexible data model, advanced permission management, customizable workflows, powerful price and inventory management options, etc.

    It is not a specialized marketplace-platform though, so you would have to address a few marketplace-specific items, e.g. payment distribution.

    Thank you,


    Mordechai Danino

    Hi Mailgen
    First, I would like to thank you for the compliment – always nice to hear that we are doing something right.
    As to your question
    When we built OroCommerce we designed it to solve 3 main use cases
    1. Self-served – I.e. businesses are buying online for their companies. They still need corporate accounts, hierarchy of users, customized catalog and pricing, etc but there is no interaction with a sales person – think Amazon Business

    2. Buyer-seller -interaction – In addition to what is available in self-served mode the buyer can submit a request to a quote, seller responds with a proposal etc, i.e – online negotiation between buyer and sellers

    3. Market place – here we see 2 sub cases

    a. Market place around a brand – i.e some manufactures sells a product and allow multiple vendors to sell add -on – think Xerox

    b. Market place with multiple sellers and buyers where buyers can submit a quote and receive proposal from multiple sellers

    As of now OroCommerce covers extremely well (we argue that OroCommerce is the only true B2B ecommerce platform) cases number 1 and 2. Case 3 is partly covered but we add capabilities in each release as many customers comes to us asking for these capabilities. One can build a market place today but it will take customization. Our plan in the next year or so is to add more and more features so it will reduce the cost of the customer to achieve his needs. As you know, no 2 business are alike our goal is to provide about 70%-80% of the features available out of the box and the rest would need to be customized to fit the exact customer needs

    Again, Thanks for your question. Please feel free to contact me directly with more questions at motti(at)oroinc.com



    Thank you very much for the clarifications.
    Wow, after installing it, it feels like this software should have been here a good 10 years ago, wonder what took it so long. This is like, ‘why didn’t people think of this earlier’ kind of feeling.

    Thank you very much once again for the responses. The community looks very supportive, so can’t thank enough for everybody’s precious time.

    Thank you Mordechai D for your kind offer!

    Deep bow.


    martin perrotta

    This post is 2.5 years old. Was there any change? What about this: https://oroinc.com/b2b-ecommerce/b2b-marketplace/ ?

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