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    Is it possible to customise products for each website? for example:

    – Product A is worth $39.99 in Website A with a SKU of 001 and is disabled
    – Product A is worth $29.99 in Website B with a SKU of 002 and is enabled

    Is this handled via price lists or on the individual product?

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    It is possible for a product to have different prices on different websites, and have different visibility on different websites.

    You can manages product prices both on the product edit page, and in the price lists that include this product.

    You can manage visibility of the product by clicking on the “Visibility” button on the product view page in the admin.

    Product SKU is the same on all websites because it is a unique internal product identifier. If you need to show different “SKU”s to customers on different websites, you can create additional product fields (e.g. “SKU for Website 1”, “SKU for Website 2”), and use them on the frontend instead of the real SKUs.

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