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    Hi OroCommerce Community,

    We are a german company who develop B2B Systems on Magento 2 base and I plan to write a blog post about your system.
    I’m happy that you announce you first stable version of orocommerce.

    Today I search the possibility to define product options for products.

    I need something like this Magento 2 extension:

    It is possible with your system?

    best regards,

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    Alex Puscas

    Hello Sebastian,

    What product options are you searching for exactly?
    ORO Commerce already supports most of the features described in the given extension.

    Templates can be customized using Layout updates: https://github.com/orocrm/platform/blob/master/src/Oro/Bundle/LayoutBundle/Resources/doc/example.md
    Stock management, inventory management, different prices for different quantities, or units (piece, set, etc.) and so on are available out of the box.
    ORO Commerce also supports product variants and product attributes. Please take a look at ProductBundle documentation, it might clarify some product-related features: https://github.com/orocommerce/orocommerce/blob/master/src/Oro/Bundle/ProductBundle/Resources/doc/product-attributes.md
    Custom reports management is available out of the box, so that you can create reports on exactly what you are interested in. Filtering, sorting and exporting is available for all reports.
    By requesting-for-quote and creating quotes, negotiation and one-time deals can be handled.

    Hoping those are the product options you needed clarifications on,

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