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    Can someone provide a simple walk thru on creating a theme or modifying the default theme. Id like to change the frontend logo and possibly some colors in the css file. Ive read thru multiple pages but its not helpful and difficult to follow.

    Im hopeful someone can provide a simple step by step how to that would be great.


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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    Check the Custom theme.
    It’s built as an example of most popular customizations and it also contains links to all the guides you need during theme development at the README.md



    Thanks for the reply but ive looked over this and it is not helpful.

    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    Please clarify where did you stack?
    And we’ll go step-by-step to resolve an issue.

    Usually the workflow looks like:

    1) You need an enabled bundle where you will place all the code. It can be the existing one or you can create the new empty. Usually it will be placed at src/ folder inside an application
    2) If you choose to create a custom theme, you need the theme.yml file inside the bundle at Resources/views/layouts/{themeName}/. I’d recommend to extend the custom theme from the default theme.
    3) Find out on a page the block you wan’t go change. This blog post can help with it https://oroinc.com/b2b-ecommerce/blog/debugging-frontend-layouts . The goal is to find the block id of a block you wan’t to change.
    4) optionally, create a data provider in case you wan’t to pass some new non static data to layouts
    5) create a layout update for the found block.



    Where is the theme actually controlled. Theres two places to activate a theme, one in the config file of the oroapp and the other in the admin config screen in the backend manager.

    Also how to create or enable a new bundle. Im having trouble with this and where the bundle is placed.

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