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    When a user logs in, a red error bar shows the error “Synchronizer cannot connect to server. Please contact your administrator”.

    If it is something to do with the websockets setup, could you please provide some advice as to what I need to put into the parameters file.

    Many thanks in advance.

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    Alex Puscas


    Please take a look at the installation instructions: https://github.com/orocommerce/orocommerce-application .
    Specific at Enable WebSocket messaging section:

    You should to be able to run this command. As you also realized, some ports you configured in parameters.yml might be used by other applications. Please try setting other port for websocket_bind_port, websocket_frontend_port and websocket_backend_port instead of the default 8080.

    Please remember you need to run cache:clear command if you are using the production environment, before running clank:server one, in order to update changed parameters in production cache.

    Hope this helps you out!
    Alex Puscas



    Hi Alex,

    I was wondering if you could provide more help please? I have the community edition set up within a hosted environment.

    When I start the clank server via SSH, does the SSH session need to stay open? This obviously isn’t ideal, as I would like my hosted version to stand alone without any input from me. Should there be any output in the SSH session when the clank command line is run?

    Could you also help me with what IP addresses I need to put in the following parameters:

    websocket_bind_port: 8080
    websocket_frontend_port: 8080
    websocket_backend_port: 8080

    Do all the ports need to be different?

    Sorry for all the questions, but I am really close to getting the application working and I’m stuck with this last bit.


    Alex Puscas


    In order to learn more about Synchronization ORO provides, please read the documentation: https://github.com/orocrm/platform/tree/master/src/Oro/Bundle/SyncBundle#orosyncbundle

    In order not to get the “Synchronizer cannot connect to server. Please contact your administrator” error message on admin part, you need to be able to run the clank:server. By running this command, on your machine, you will probably get some kind of error message, that will explain why you are not able to run that command.
    From what you explained in previous posts, my best guess is that this message will be “Could not bind to tcp:// Address already in use“. What this actually means is that that specific port on the specific IP address is used by another application.
    If this scenario matches yours, you can either change the IP address, or the port. You can try any combination that suits you. To make it more clear, let me give you some configuration examples:


    or any other configuration that suits your machine.

    You can start the clank server as a background process (add & after the command), via SSH, and you can close the connection after that:

    There should be output of clank:server. Typical output that I get is:

    and so on. But by running it in background, you won’t see the output, unless you log it somewhere.

    Let me know if you managed to fix your issue. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask them all.



    HI Alex,

    Thank you for your comprehensive reply. The output I get when I reset the parameters back to default are as follows:

    Starting Clank
    Launching Ratchet WS Server on:
    1765 connected
    1765 disconnected
    1806 connected
    1806 disconnected
    1811 connected
    1811 disconnected

    I think this suggests that it is working as expected, but I’m still getting the error message. With that in mind, would that also stop me from being able to select quantities and add the product to an order?

    I really appreciate your help.



    Alex Puscas

    Hey Nick!

    Please check if the binding between the IP:Port and Clank Server:

    Output should be close to:

    Try using IP address if there seam to be issues.

    With working Synchronization or not, you should be able to select quantities and add products to orders or perform any other action ORO Commerce supports without any issues.
    Synchronization uses Clank Server to push to browser information about grid changes for example. It is not necessary to start clank server for ORO Commerce to work.

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