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    I would like to customize existing pages like store front end for OroCommerce 1.0, It seems the fastest route is to make use of Application specific themes


    Or in short, I should create templates in my app/Resources/ with same name/path of existing page, my question is how would I find out the names of those files, I know in debug mode (app_dev.php) I can see the HTML comments of start and end of each template but it’s not the full path, any ideas ?


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    Alex Puscas

    Hey Amin!

    You’re right, you can update front-store pages using Layout Updates. Please take a look at Layout Bundle Documentation. You can find lots of examples there. This section of Layout Bundle Documentation explains best how to update specific pages.
    Also, this post may contain some useful information.
    You can see the route name in controller. You can also see the route name, in debug mode, domanin/app_dev.php/{path}, in the profiler bar, in the first section, near HTTP Status Code.

    Feel free to ask for more information if needed!
    Alex Puscas

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