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    Some obvious features/content that would help now or in the near future (beta or live plus):
    Explain Business Model e.g Freemium etc (Core product, addons, integrations, hosting, 3rd party relationships etc)
    Core Product(s) Roadmap – (Milestones, Description (key features), target dates
    Integrations – Core or 3rd party planned/offered integrations (CMS, eCommerce, Google etc)
    3rd Party developers/consultants/hosting etc – adverts, descriptions, reviews
    Comparison with other CRMs (license, API, Features, price etc)
    Manuals/Online Help & translations
    Video Training (Install, Configure, Administer, Integrate, User etc)
    Community recruitment (Moderators, Translators, beta-Testers etc)
    Developer/Integrator recruitment (What do you want/need? What can you offer to help?What’s in it for them?)

    Hope some of this helps………….

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    Jary Carter

    There was definitely a lot to this post and we really appreciate the feedback. Hopefully you have a better sense of the product future with the roadmap release. We are definitely in the process of actively looking for beta-testers so would love people to reach out for us on that. We are also launching a community translation opportunity shortly. And lastly we just launched our partner program to match the beta product release. Product comparisons, video tutorials and some of the other items will come in time as we move to 1.0.

    Very helpful information – thanks for sharing with us!



    Hi there, I just can say that the product “module” would be perfect! Even if you are planing to sync with magento! I am waiting for this feature. Thanks boys. Cheers. Gerhard


    Dima Soroka

    We are finalizing package management tool and will make it available in next release. Package manager will allow to install additional modules.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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