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    Hi Oro Team,

    I’m sorry that it’s me again complaining, but I feel like I have to and hope some of the other community members think the same way.

    You started with the CLA yesterday, and I am pretty shocked why you once again skipped your community.
    Here is why it feels strange.

    You’ve never talked about the CLA:
    You just started your bot, hitting the people with some new conditions. Why don’t you prepare the community?

    You don’t explain it:
    Why do you need this agreement? Why is it safe – for private and business conditions?

    There is still no communication! Please explain the agreement without using english for jurists. And please state why you need this agreement. Why shouldn’t I stop contributing?

    Most of the people want to contribute because it’s open source, easy and you have a simple and open (MIT) License with no warranty at all. But now it feels like signing a contract where people have duties and need to proof every step they made.

    Best wishes for the holidays

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    Hi @cardiac

    Thanks for contacting us about the new contribution process.
    First and foremost I want to make sure that its very clear – Oro Community is very important to us and we immensely value the community contribution in its various forms. The team behind Oro is all about open source and the community – this is a huge part of Oro’s DNA.

    The goal of this new process is to protect Oro from incidents that might possibly leads to significant adverse outcomes. We trust the community and we know that no one will intentionally do something to damage the Oro projects but we have to make sure we protect ourselves form cases where the contributor

    • File a lawsuits because
    • We are using his code in a commercial product without asking for permissions
    • Claiming IP ownerships
    • A 3rd party can file a law suits against Oro based on the fact that an Oro contributor used their code/parts of the code as we will be liable for such cases

    Recently other very notable companies like Magento, Google and others implemented the same/similar contributor process and thus we were advised to do the same.

    We are truly hopeful that you will understand our point of view and understand that our goals is to protect Oro form such cases. We love our community, value the community contributions and believe it will continue to be as engaged.


    Dima Soroka

    Hello @cardiac

    I’m a bit confused by your concern about community notification as github is a collaboration tool which we are using for code collaboration with community and all collaborators got notification message about CLA via this tool.

    As for CLA in general it help us as a business to prevent multiple risks so we hope this formal step will not be a bottleneck for contributors.

    We strongly believe in the Open Source and investing a lot in our products that are available to our community.

    Thanks for bringing this topic to our attention!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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