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    I like the ORO concept, but i do also notice documentation and response on the forum are often limited.
    Would it be a nice incentive to add a -sponsor- option to the forum to allow the poster to spend (small) money on an answer.

    For example: 50% goes to ORO and 50% to the -accepted answer-.

    This might create a ecosystem that supports both ORO and the people who commit time to answer posts.

    It would be nice to hear what your opinion about this is.

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    I think that an option like that would cause an increase in both spam and things like what may be called pseudo-scams – such as someone holding off on giving the best answer until they are compensated. I would consider the forum to be a integral piece of the OroCRM documentation (given that the current official documentation is not finished).

    That aside, most of the answers come from the oro staff anyway because of the fact that there is so little official documentation…the docs in the code provide more of a reference than a how-to, so that’s the reason this forum is so useful.

    Just my thoughts anyways.

    ~Coding my life away~



    Hi hemham914,

    Your comments are very valid.

    Hopefully there will be more documentation in the near future, because at this moment i often get stuck.

    A general -donation- function could off-course solve the issue and maybe motivate (and give resources) to the ORO Staff for community comments and development.


    Dima Soroka

    Hi guys

    Thanks for your ideas and feedback. We acknowledge that documentation still requires a lot of work and are open for any help as well as ready to pay for a good content.
    Please let me know if you would like to participate.

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