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    Guido Jansen

    Note for forum moderators: Not sure what’s the best subforum to place this, feel free to move it if needed… I hve more questions/ remarks about translations in general, maybe we can create a new subforum for this?

    I’m currently working on translations, and I notice a lot of duplicate items in the translation files.

    Take for OroCRMCallBundle > Translations > example messages.en.yml:
    “Phone number” is in there 3 times.
    Notes – 2 times
    Direction – 2 times
    Duration – 2 times
    Subject – 2 times
    Log Call – 2 times
    Call date & time – 2 times

    And this is just 1 file, there are loads of duplicate items accross files. Isn’t there a way to combine the exact same terms?


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    Guido Jansen

    Some other expamples (throughout all files):
    – Name – 8x
    – city – 3x
    – Last Name (or Last name) – 7x
    – First Name (or First name) – 7x
    – Phone (or Phone number or Phone Number or Contact Phone) – 12x
    – State – 7x
    – Status – 5x


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