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    I’m not sure what you mean by “built-in support for Incoterms”.
    Incoterms is an additional item during negotiation process. Every business decides for themselves what Incotermns they are willing to propose/accept, and whether they want it to be negotiable at all.
    Most ecommerce companies when using parcel shipments usually incorporate incoterms into the general trading terms and conditions, with delivery typically taking place at the shipping destinatio address specified by the buyer during checkout process, and the seller pays the cost of shipping and insurance.

    If you want Incoterms to be negotiable, then you may need to customize RFQ and Quote forms by adding an additional field to let the buyer/sales person to specify desired/proposed terms, with the selected value carried over to order and invoice forms. For some terms you may need to customize the checkout workflow based on what terms you want to support (i.e. EXW would not need a shipping method selection during checkout process, while you may want to offer additional insurance selection over the minimal insurance for CIP, etc.)

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