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    Hello guys, I’m having this problem. I’ve created the following assets.yml in my custom bundle:

    I’ve also activated css_debug for this asset group. Using the chrome dev tools, I see that the file is included in the request, but is not compiled. I get a raw LESS file as a <link rel=”stylesheet” src=”css/less/layout.less”>. If I include a raw CSS file, everything works as expected, but the LESS file isn’t working. Should I do something else? After adding this file to the assets.yml, I’ve run the following commands:

      php app/console cache:clear
      php app/console oro:assets:install –symlink –env=dev
      php app/console assetic:dump –env=dev

    Thanks in advance!

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    Mike Kudelya


    Are we talking about orocrm application, not about oro commerce ? As i understood, do you put to layout.less some changes and you expected see it on your site on oro.css, right ?

    I’m using this script to re-build css/js, it is similar to yours:

    I have tested your case on orocrm application (1.10.8) and it works as expected (i see custom css on oro.css file)



    Hello Mike. Actually I’m using oro commerce right now, but I think that it doesn’t matter because these LESS and JS compilations happen in the oro platform package, is that right? I’m using: https://github.com/orocommerce/orocommerce 1.0.0-beta.3 version.
    I’ve also a custom bundle BiotayUIBundle inheriting from the OroUIBundle, which is the bundle that contains the layout.less file.



    Mike Kudelya


    Can you tell me step by step what you want to archive, please ?
    I also include

    my less file

    and it has been compiled to /web/css/oro.css:

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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