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    I am trying to extend OroOrganization entity to add an oro_address_collection through migrations.

    First i’ve created an OrganizationAddresss entity which extend AbstractTypedAddress, and i have a ManyToMany relation with Oro\Bundle\AddressBundle\Entity\AddressType, similar to OroCRM\Bundle\ContactBundle\Entity\ContactAddress.

    Second, through migrations, i’ve tried to add a OneToManyRelation in OroOrganization directing to OrganizationAddress, similar to OroCRM\Bundle\ContactBundle\Entity\ContactAddress addresses.

    'brains_org_org_addr', // This comes from in OrganizationAddress entity
    'oro_options' => [
    'extend' => [
    'without_default' => true,

    The problem appears when i am running migrations, i get the following error:

    ConfigProvider::getClassName expects Object, PersistentCollection, array of entities or string. “NULL” given

    ERROR: The command terminated with an exit code: 1.

    Any ideea what i am doing wrong?

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