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    I created custom pdf export (based on xlsx export) for datagrid and noticed a problem.
    Handler works like that:
    1. Create file with my writer,
    2. read file with my reader,
    3. create file again based on reader data.
    Its ok for partial save, but with pdf there is a problem.
    I cannot read pdf and write it again. For now, I created reader that return file_get_content data, and writer checks if there was array of columns passed to write, or one item with data from reader. Not so nice solution.
    Is there any possibility to skip file reading? I noticed that export handler always do it with mergeFiles method.

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    as for now export creates several jobs which run in parallel using message queue consumer.
    So each job processes a part of input data and writes it to a temporary file.
    At the final stage of export this files are merged into one file as you already noticed.
    So it’s not possible to skip this logic.

    On the other hand if your properly implemented reader and writer then everything should work fine.

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