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    Estefa| Carevich

    Hi all, I would like modify the css and add a logo in the page 503, the others pages works fine (404 & 403) for that pages I use a conditions and works fine but the page 503 is a little different and I can’ t see my template.

    In this case the only solution is create a twig file in this route?
    templates/bundles/TwigBundle/Exception/error503.html.twig or we can do other solution more simple?



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    Andrey Yatsenko

    Hi Estefa,

    This is the right and most straightforward solution. Another way is to create the “kernel.exception” event listener.
    All the ways to customize error pages are described in official Symfony documentation:


    Estefa| Carevich

    Hi Andrey,
    Thanks for your help. I finished the pages 402 & 404 how said symfony but I can’t see the page (503 Service Unavailable Error) when y use the following commands for check
    php bin/console lexik:maintenance:lock -e prod
    php bin/console lexik:maintenance:unlock -e prod

    in my localhost I see correctly my page
    http://local.local.com/index_dev.php/_error/503 but when is deployed the page is blank without content.
    for this page I should be add other configuration/specific redirection??
    Thanks again


    Andrey Yatsenko

    but when is deployed the page is blank without content.

    It looks like the 503 page is managed by the webserver, not an application. Please check the webserver configuration and access logs when you visit 503 page on a production webserver.


    Estefa| Carevich

    Hi andrey
    I was checking again and I can see page 500 when I try to access another page (like it is showing, but not on my homepage (by default).

    If is possible create a redirection and see the default error (in my home page). Do you have another idea?

    Thank you!


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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