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    Tom Holland

    I am having a problem getting HTML User Signatures inserted into an Email Template in OroCRM 1.8.2.

    Here is the source of my Signature:

    <p>User Name<br />Organization<br />Phone</p>
    When I create a template using {{ system.userSignature|oro_tag_filter }} it of course filters out the tags and I lose html formatting/line breaks etc.

    When I create a template using {{ system.userSignature }} it of course does not filter out the tags, but instead inserts the raw html into the email body.

    When I attempt to create a template using {{ system.userSignature|oro_html_filter }} I get this error:

    The template for Content (English) has syntax error: The filter “oro_html_filter” does not exist. Did you mean “oro_tag_filter” at line 29

    How do we fix this so I can insert HTML signatures into my email templates?

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    Hi Tom,

    I’ve created a bug report for this issue and I’ll follow up when it will be fixed.

    Regards “oro_html_filter” I think you won’t be able to use this Twig filter in template because only allowed Twig filters/functions/tags can be used. They are:
    tags: ‘app’, ‘for’, ‘if’, ‘spaceless’
    filters: ‘default’, ‘date’, ‘escape’, ‘format’, ‘length’, ‘lower’, ‘nl2br’, ‘number_format’, ‘title’, ‘trim’, ‘upper’, ‘oro_format’, ‘oro_format_date’, ‘oro_format_time’, ‘oro_format_datetime’, ‘oro_format_name’, ‘oro_tag_filter’
    functions: ‘date’, ‘calendar_date_range’, ‘oro_config_value’, ‘url’, ‘path’

    Thank you,

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