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    Hey there,

    I updated my Platformapplication to the 1.0.0alpha6. Everything works fine, but the menu item configuration in the system-menu doesnt work. There is no entry in the apache-errorlog neither in the oro log to get a clue why this page doesnt load.

    After this I cloned a new platform-application und startet from the scratch to see, if the page works but same result.

    Is there any thing i got forgotten during the update/installation process ? Everything else works fine in the application.

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    What do you mean doesn’t work? You’re clicking it and nothing happens or do you see some error message?
    Did you updated db and re-generate assets?



    The red bar with the message that the page couldnt load appears. I updated the db and generate the assets.
    But i think the problem its on my side. I delpoyed a beta version on another server and all works fine but only my the dev-version coulnd load the page.

    I will keep looking if i had overlook something.

    Thanks for your answer.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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