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    Melvyn Sopacua


    I’m working on a FreeBSD port and found that the following dependencies are not checked by composer and exposed during install.sh:
    – php soap extension, exception thrown about WSDL_CACHE_DISK not being defined.
    – php hash extension: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function hash() in /usr/local/www/orocrm/vendor/twig/twig/lib/Twig/Parser.php on line 52
    – java (and with a hardcoded path): [Assetic\Exception\FilterException]
    An error occurred while running:
    ‘/usr/bin/java’ ‘-jar’ ‘/usr/local/www/orocrm/app/Resources/java/yuicompres
    sor-2.4.7.jar’ ‘–charset’ ‘UTF-8’ ‘-o’ ‘/tmp/YUI-OUT-rx5DcU’ ‘–type’ ‘css
    ‘ ‘/tmp/YUI-IN-HEfu0R’

    Additionally, since I’m new to Symfony, the parameters.dist.yml could use a few comments about how to specify the MySQL socket, what parameters are available for mail_transport = sendmail etc.

    Currently, I’m using pdo_mysql.default_socket in php.ini to work around the socket issue.

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    Melvyn Sopacua

    Added the following to parameters.yml for the java path:

    After successful install.sh:
    PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined function Oro\\Bundle\\UserBundle\\Entity\\filter_var() in /usr/local/www/orocrm/vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/UserBundle/Entity/UserManager.php on line 176

    And now we have a dashboard :)


    Melvyn Sopacua

    Oh wow, just noticed this went into platform. Should be in CRM :)

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