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    Hi everyone,

    I’m currently trying to install oro-platform on my local machine.
    I’m following the instructions here: http://oroinc.com/orocrm/doc/current/book/installation

    But on the “Configure the Database” section, when I run this command, “php app/console doctrine:database:create”, I get this error:

    Symfony\Component\Config\Exception\FileLoaderLoadException: Cannot import resource “[path]\config.yml” from “[path]/config_dev.yml”. (There is no extension able to load the configuration for “knp_paginator” (in[path]\config.yml). Looked for namespace “knp_paginator”, found “oro_cache”, “framework”, “security”, “twig”, “monolog”, “swiftmailer”, “assetic”, “doctrine”, “sensio_framework_extra”, “jms_serializer”, “knp_menu”, “fos_rest”, “fos_js_routing”, “nelmio_api_doc”, “be_simple_soap”, “stof_doctrine_extensions”, “escape_wsse_authentication”, “liip_imagine”, “genemu_form”, “a2lix_translation_form”, “lexik_maintenance”, “oro_organization”, “oro_security”, “oro_ui”, “oro_attachment”, “oro_entity”, “oro_email”, “oro_user”, “oro_integration”, “akeneo_batch”, “jms_job_queue”, “knp_gaufrette”, “oro_activity”, “oro_address”, “oro_assetic”, “oro_batch”, “oro_calendar”, “oro_chart”, “oro_config”, “oro_cron”, “oro_dashboard”, “oro_data_audit”, “oro_data_grid”, “oro_distribution”, “oro_embedded_form”, “oro_entity_config”, “oro_entity_extend”, “oro_entity_merge”, “oro_filter”, “oro_form”, “oro_help”, “oro_imap”, “oro_import_export”, “oro_installer”, “oro_locale”, “oro_migration”, “oro_note”, “oro_notification”, “oro_platform”, “oro_query_designer”, “oro_report”, “oro_require_js”, “oro_search”, “oro_segment”, “oro_sidebar”, “oro_soap”, “oro_sync”, “oro_tag”, “oro_theme”, “oro_translation”, “oro_windows”, “oro_workflow”, “sylius_flow”, “oro_navigation”, “oro_reminder”, “oro_tracking”, “web_profiler”, “sensio_distribution”, “clank”) in [path]\vendor\symfony\symfony\src\Symfony\Component\Config\Loader\FileLoader.php on line 100

    I didn’t touch any files yet and I didn’t move any files. So I’m a little perplexed !

    Does anyone know where might be the problem please ?

    My Configuration:
    Windows 7
    – Apache 2.2.4
    – PHP 5.4.12
    – MySQL 5.6.12


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    Alexandr Smaga

    Hello. Please update your code to the latest one and run composer update --prefer-dist. This issue is related to update in third party bundle that we relies on, and it’s already fixed.



    Hi Alexandr !

    Thanks a lot.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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