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    following use case:
    I open a widget (for example the “add address” in the contact view of the crm) and leave it open.
    In between I log in with another browser. As result I see the dashboard with the open widget from the other browser.

    Is this the wanted behaviour or a bug?
    Imho should the appearance of a widget be limited to the session where it was opened.
    Are you aware of this behaviour?

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    Windows widget has save state functionality, this is expected behavior. States are stored per user in database.
    To disable state saving for your dialogs you can pass stateEnabled: false to dialog widget options.



    What about switching pages? Do we have any param for auto-closing dialog window after switching pages?



    I mean we have the next behavior:
    – Open any dialog window, without closing it go to any other page. Window will be open on other pages.

    we want next behavior:
    – Dialog window will closed if user goes to another page.

    Question: do we have any specific parameter for such behavior?
    Please let me know if we have any article with the list of all parameters.


Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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