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    os win10
    mysql 8.0 <— compatibility issue !!
    php builtin server
    Check system requirements->all ok!

    Launching “oro:install” the process abort the migratin process due to Mysql syntax error:

    The issue is caused by the use of reserved word for column name not compatible in mysql 8.0.

    The issue: the word “system” is now reserved in mysql 8.0. read here


      A simple waround would be to backtricks the column name unless the dbal will strip them off, so this doesn’t help.
      A second solution (best one) would be to use a different name but this will broke some query in the bundle, leading in following error

      SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ‘o1_.system’ in ‘field list’

      during installation process, so this is not helping either!
      I workaround this by renaming the column name in something like “system_” in order to have the migration process to pass, then fix the column name inside the mysql table itself (altering table and renaming the column name from “system_” to “system”, then rename again back the original name in the “createOroWorkflowDefinitionTable” function. Running the installation again will now complete without errors.

      I think this should be fixed or either changed the minimum system requirements for mysql<8.0.


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    Andrey Yatsenko

    Hi Bas Franc,

    Mysql 8 currently is not supported, please switch to 5.7 version.

    We’ll update the documentation. Thank you for reporting.

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