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    Hi guys,
    I have been playing with OroPlatform (but using OroCRM as my example application) since Beta1. Hopefully others that have feedback can post here too.

    This is with Beta3:

    – The system is getting better and better. I particularly like the use of Google Maps when selecting a Contact in OroCRM. Very nice visually and usability is excellent.
    – The import and export options to/from CSV are really great and a massive positive for business users (in my experience).

    – Errors with Filters: getting [object Object] values when clicking the dropdown buttons on the Contacts page of OroCRM. Not present in Beta2.

    – Sometimes receive errors when viewing the Data Audit. (Key “old” for array with keys “id” does not exist in OroDataAuditBundle:Datagrid:Property/data.html.twig at line 19). I think the database gets out of synch because of how the datafixtures are loaded during install which is logged but does not have a previous value. Probably need some error handling for this case as it is the first thing many users will see. Present in Beta2.

    – Still getting errors in Chrome: GET http://localhost//_wdt/4e4ec6 404 (Not Found) jquery-1.10.2.js:8706 I think this may be the function that records users movements so the ‘History’ and ‘Most Viewed’ sections can be populated as it happens every page change. Present in Beta2 too.

    – Because you have extended the SelectList to create the MultiSelectList you have the option to add an ‘All’ value. This is a problem because the ‘All’ is in the same scope as the other values and requires you to selectively tick the ‘All’ or untick it depending on the values selected. This is different to the default MultiSelect widget where ‘Select All’ and ‘Unselect All’ are in a differet scope to the vales and call the SelectAll function when clicked. This is much easier to manage. An example of this would be if you filter by Country on the OroCRM Contacts section you have the value All. If this is selected then any other value is selected then ‘All’ should no longer be selected.

    – Installer (install.sh) will fail due to a hardcoded path to the TestFrameworkBundle which is incorrect:
    php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load –fixtures=src/Oro/src/Oro/Bundle/TestFrameworkBundle/Fixtures/ –append –no-debug –no-interaction –env $ENV
    Should be:
    php app/console doctrine:fixtures:load –fixtures=vendor/oro/platform/src/Oro/Bundle/TestFrameworkBundle/Fixtures/ –append –no-debug –no-interaction –env $ENV

    Changes I would like:
    – A left vertical menu instead of the top horizontal menu. This is because so many screens are widescreen these days which means that vertical screen space is limited (i.e. my screen width is 1600 but height is 900). By moving the menu to the left it would provide much more visibility on laptops and mobile devices. I think this is why most sites do it this way now e.g. Gmail

    – A way of ‘hiding’ fields in the Datagrid view so that they still output on the JSON view and maybe in the filters. In the OroCRM example, you could add another value called hidden = true in the datagrid manager so that you could still have the field in the JSON view and the filter but not show it to users in the grid. I have been trying to do some javascript visualisation using the JSON view for sourcing data as it is nicely permissioned (ACL) and works well. I would also like to see the ID of linked fields here as well (as well as the value).

    – The workflow config is a bit complex but that is something I know will improve.

    – The require.js portion of the installer is extremely slow. Is there a way to increase the speed? (maybe my computer is slow)

    Nice to Have:
    – Mobile version of the site where a different skin is used when a request is received from a mobile device.

    – LDAP Authentication given that this is a business application platform and should be able to run in an enterprise environment.


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    Yevhen Shyshkin
    Yevhen Shyshkin

    Hello, seddonm1.

    Many thanks for your response – we are really appreciate that you are helping us to become better and better.

    Some comments for your response:

    > A way of ‘hiding’ fields in the Datagrid view
    You can hide all required grid columns using option “shown” = false (default value is true), or just add it to the list of required properties. Also we are going to use new grid implementation that allows to do that even easier – from datagrid configuration.

    > The workflow config is a bit complex
    We are going to have workflow management wizard that allow user to create and configure workflows from UI.

    > The require.js portion of the installer is extremely slow
    You can install nodejs and use it as js engine. It can be configured in app/config/config.yml in section oro_require_js.js_engine.


    Alexandr Smaga

    Hi, seddonm1.
    Thank you for the feedback!

    – Errors with Filters: getting [object Object] values when clicking the dropdown buttons on the Contacts page of OroCRM. Not present in Beta2.

    It looks like you have to clear browser JS cache.



    Hi guys,
    Thanks for the responses and both of them make sense (so much caching makes it a bit hard to debug sometimes!).

    Are you able to respond to the other points (particularly the horizontal vs vertical menu)?

    Also, where is your working github repository as it seems you only update the public ones when you issue a new beta. I say this because when I find a defect I like to check the repository to see if any changes have been made to this file so I don’t need to report it until the next version.

    I think the product you are building is going to be really awesome once it is finished so hopefully I can help by testing (at the very least).

    Yoav Kutner
    Yoav Kutner

    @seddonm1 Thanks for the kind words.

    About the horizontal vs. vertical menu, it is a really good point and we will consider adding it in a future release (or maybe you want to contribute it? ;))

    About GitHub, we have hundreds of branches in development so once we merge them (every two weeks) we make our code publicly available. We plan to continue making a public update every two weeks even after we have a stable release so that you can keep on top of our work.

    I hoe this helps

    thanks for your input and support


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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