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    We have just been working through adding a new area to the platform. It was all going smoothly until we tried to post a form. The form submits via ajax correctly but then was redirecting straight away to the same page thus loosing the bound data and not showing any errors. After tracing through the code, the Oro\Bundle\NavigationBundle\Event\ResponseHashnavListener showed itself to be the culprit:

    The code forces a redirect if there is a server error even in dev mode which means there is no stacktrace ever shown. It would be great if dev mode did not cause a full redirect so that we can read stacktrace and debug the issue. Although in a perfect world my code would never cause any 500 errors :)

    We have just put a return statement in for now so we get our stacktraces and can happily debug the issues. Might be helpful for others who encounter this issue though.

    I hope that makes sense, thanks for the hard work so far, it is an awesome piece of kit

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    Good point, guys! We took this really important issue into account.
    Thank you for the feedback!


    Problem was resolved, and will go live in our next release.

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