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    I get a weird error on my productive system (not on my local dev machine) during installation.

    Load sample data (y/n): n

    Preparing application.
    Load “Title Templates” from annotations and config files to db

    Cannot import resource “/var/www/vhosts/crm.banovo.de/src/AppBundle/Resources/config/oro/routing_api.yml” from “/var/www/vhosts/crm.banovo.de/src/AppBundle/Resources/config/oro/routing.yml”. (Unable to find file “@AppBundle/Controller/Api/Rest/SalesfunnelController.php”.)

    Unable to find file “@AppBundle/Controller/Api/Rest/SalesfunnelController.php”.

    Do you know what’s going on? And why is it running without any problems on my dev machine?

    Best regards

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    Typo in resource name and filesystem in vagrant (nfs) finds the file and production server does not.

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