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    Hi guys, I noticed something that seemed odd today. My user had a role of Administrator and User. When I tried to view or edit another user’s entity entries, nothing would populate the page. However, when I removed the role of “User” from my user and was just “Administrator”, I could edit and view as normal.

    So, it was odd to me that a “User” role would over ride privileges assigned in the ACL to the “Administrator” role if the user had both.

    Not a big issue, just interesting.

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    Alexandr Smaga


    Just tried to reproduce issue on demo instance, and it works as it should, could you please give us more detailed steps?
    What’s role you meant by “user” ? “Sales rep” ?



    I have a local install of the BAP only, and out of the box it came with the following roles: Administrator, Manager, and User. My account has the roles of Administrator and User.

    So, when I tried to view or edit another user’s entity records (when they had a role of “User”), nothing would populate on the page. I could only see that user’s entries if I removed my role of “User” and left my account with only a role of “Administrator”. I hope that makes more sense.



    I should also add that in the ACL a role of “User” was not allowed to view or edit other users’ records. However a role of “Administrator” can, and that is what I thought was odd, that the role of “User” was overriding the role of “Administrator”.

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