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    It would be useful, I think, to be able to group flexible entity attributes. An example is probably the easiest way to explain what I mean:

    I have 3 different types of users in my system; trade customers, regular customers and administrators.

    Scenario 1: I want to add a company field to all users in the system.
    This is achievable using the current flexible entity model by adding a “company” attribute to the entity:Oro\Bundle\UserBundle\Entity\User
    Scenario 2: I want to add “vat number” to trade customers only.
    If I had the ability to create groups of attributes, I could create an attribute for Oro\Bundle\UserBundle\Entity\User but only for instances of the entity that have the flexible entity group “trade”. This means if a user entity is edited/created that is not part of the “trade” group then the “vat number” field will not be present.

    This could be achieved without a flexible group but I think allowing users (system admin) to add fields to entities and restricting them to entities in specific groups would be helpful.

    I am not advocating removing the current way in which flexible entities work, but rather the group idea as an addition. So that both scenario 1 and 2 in my above example are achievable.

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    Dima Soroka
    Dima Soroka

    Thanks for a great use case. We have this improvement on our roadmap and planning to provide a show case on account entity with support of different account types like person and company that will have different fields available.

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