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    The handleResponse method of the Backbone app controller in


    doesn’t deal well with non-well-formed HTML. Specifically, a javascript exception is thrown when the jQuery filter method encounters something like this

    $('Bad Text<div>...</div>').filter('#redirect').text();

    While this doesn’t appear to cause any errors in the current release, it does stop new developers from doing simple var_dump debugging up in the business logic section of the framework.

    I don’t know what the fix should be (jQuery migrate, using JSON in place of parsed HTML, some other parsing method, etc.), or if this extra content should be silently ignored or somehow displayed, but it would help adoption with junior developers or developers coming from less modern frameworks if dropping in the occasional var_dump or echo to debug something didn’t result in the soon to be dreaded Sorry, page was not loaded correctly error.

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    That already fixed, waiting beta :)

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