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    I’m trying to generate a link to files with specific id in app/attachment directory with public access.
    These files are added using AttachmentBundle, Now I need a way to generate a link to these files without authentication.
    I created a path in security.yml that does not require authentication

    But still as I type its route “http://localhost/admin/property/rest/{id}” ({id} is my property id) I keep seeing admin login page also I created a token for this action but it didn’t work.

    How can I solve this issue with attachment file access??


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    Andrey Yatsenko
    Andrey Yatsenko

    The easier way will be to allow everyone to access all the attachments by desired user roles using configuration.

    Go to System / User Management / Roles, select the role, edit permissions for an Attachment entity to allow full access, and save.

    In case you want to handle it from code by the security configuration. Because the build in controllers that serves attachments already have Security checks that can’t be disabled, there is no way to make it publicly accessible.
    Instead, I’d recommend to create a new controller without any security checks and serve it by the new firewall with security: false configuration.

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