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    I am using OroPlatform(no OroCrm).
    I have added 3 custom entities(call, meeting, task) to my calendar as I was advised here: http://oroinc.com/orocrm/forums/topic/custom-entity-on-calendar

    It works perfectly as long as I am looking at my stuff on calendar.

    Since my entities can be assigned to one or more users, I changed the getCalendarEvents logic in such a way that when I request the respective repositories to return the items to visualize on the calendar I pass it an array of user ids.
    To get these user ids, I use the available and not hidden “user” type calendar_alias items from calendarProperty which have my calendar as a target – get calendar ids and from there I get user ids.

    Might sound a bit awkward but it works ok.

    Sadly, it only works on first load of the calendar and when I add/remove users.

    It does NOT work when I show/hide a user – that is the events on the calendar are not updated because the js controlling this shows/hides does not reload the events – if I reload the page I get the correct results.

    I know why this happens and I’d like to modify the logic when showing/hiding user calendars to always reload the events.

    Where is it?
    How do I do this?


    oro/platform(1.6.2) + oro/doctrine-extensions(1.0.7) + symfony/symfony(v2.3.27)

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