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    I would like to implement my entity attachments and notes with one-to-many relation (one entity more attachments and more notes).
    I’m going to follow 26 october webinar of new version, but may I have information about to do this? It is sufficient an example.
    thank you

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    Hi @alendo, did you get anywhere with this?

    oro/platform(1.6.2) + oro/doctrine-extensions(1.0.7) + symfony/symfony(v2.3.27)



    Hey, I’ve got this and it is actually quite easy.
    Set up your migrations and then add a new version(or integrate into an exising one):

    This is a ‘v1_1’ migration class so it would go under Migrations/Schema/v1_1 folder

    Check/change namespace, class name and db table name in addNoteAssociations method!

    load with: app/console oro:migration:load --force --show-queries --bundles=JABTestBundle

    that’s all!

    oro/platform(1.6.2) + oro/doctrine-extensions(1.0.7) + symfony/symfony(v2.3.27)

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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