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    I’m stuck on this is the error:

    {“code”:400,”message”:”Validation Failed”,”errors”:{“errors”:[“This form should not contain extra fields.”],”children”:{“owner”:[]}}}string(156) “Client error response [url] http://acme.dev/api/rest/latest/physicalstore/accounts.json [status code] 400 [reason phrase] Bad Request”
    string(0) “”

    This is my client using GuzzleHttp and I’m passing only the required fields:

    I created this POST using the field structure that I’m receiving when I call CGET method. Even having a Owner and Organization id on the database table, Rest are returning empty values.. I’m not sure why..

    Do you guys have any idea what’s wrong?

    This is some pieces of my Entity Class:

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    Vova Soroka

    Hello Rodolfo!

    To see the list of invalid extra fields you can change extra_fields_message option for your form. For example:



    Hello @vova_soroka,

    Thanks for your help. The problem here was that I forgot to create a parent FormType and add all the fields on buildForm method. I also had to extend it on my FormApiType. I’ll leave some commands here that helped me to debug and find the problem.

    In my xxxxApiHandler process() method:

    Thank you so much!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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