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    php app/console oro:migration:data:load –fixtures-type=demo
    Loading “demo” data fixtures …
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadBusinessUnitData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadLeadSourceData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadGroupData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadUserData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadUsersData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadAccountData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadChannelData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadB2bCustomerData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadContactGroupData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadContactData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadCallData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadLeadsData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadCampaignData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadEmailData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadEmailTemplates
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadEmbeddedFormData
    > loading OroCRM\Bundle\DemoDataBundle\Migrations\Data\Demo\ORM\LoadMagentoData

    The EntityManager is closed.

    oro:migration:data:load [–fixtures-type[=”…”]] [–dry-run] [–bundles[=”…”]] [–exclude[=”…”]] [-h|–help] [-q|–quiet] [-v|vv|vvv|–verbose] [-V|–version] [–ansi] [–no-ansi] [-n|–no-interaction] [-s|–shell] [–process-isolation] [-e|–env=”…”] [–no-debug] [–jms-job-id=”…”] [–current-user=”…”] [–current-organization=”…”] [–disabled-listeners=”…”] command

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    I installation with loading textures also did not pass. But I do not need it.

    About this exception.
    Most often, in php doctrine, it occurs when the transaction is rolled back.

    As a way out of this situation, look at the end of your message.
    Most likely (but I personally have not tested in practice), you can specify a list of bundles that you require via the option [–bundles[=”…”]].
    List only that you need the bundles.

    Of course, you can use debug tools, found bug and report it to github issues :)

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