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    If we create a new custom bundle that creates a grid, for example like in OroCRM “Customer -> Accounts”.

    Is it possible, to create another bundle that can extend this bundle to add new functionality to this grid. For example, change the view of some of the data, or add new columns, or add a new button at the top corner or even a button in the last column of each row.

    Basically I want to create a base bundle which can be extended with additional functionality, but decouple them into two different bundles.

    Is this possible without getting too complicated? Or should we just create a completely new bundle based on the first one and overwrite everything?

    The basic idea is to create a generic bundle that will do stuff in the application to be used by any company. And then create an extended bundle that holds our business specific functionality that does not suit well for the generic usage.

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    Alexandr Smaga


    To add/remove buttons(in the top-right corner) you can use placeholder index_navButtons_after(doc) or another way – you can override template index.html.twig, it’s could be done according this documentation.
    Grid could be extended using extends directive in config, but keep in mind that we can just add something to grid. If we want to remove something or add some complex functionality we can use event listeners

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