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    I’m trying to use REST API to retrieve segment results.
    According with my router debug I have these options:

    oro_api_get_segment_items GET ANY ANY /api/rest/{version}/segments/{entityName}/items.{_format}

    oro_api_post_segment_run POST ANY ANY /api/rest/{version}/segments/{id}/run.{_format}

    @asmaga already explained to me how to generate a WSSE header in the client side. I created a simple script and it’s working fine. But When I run my CURL POST Request according with the oro_api_post_segment_run definition, I don’t get any results.

    So, I found this info in the run method.

    1) What snapshot entity means?
    2) How can I retrieve the results of my custom segments using REST-API? Is it possible?

    I’m testing using CURL:

    curl -X POST -H “Accept: application/json” -H ‘Authorization: WSSE profile=”UsernameToken”‘ -H ‘X-WSSE: UsernameToken Username=”MY_USERNAME”, PasswordDigest=”eCFa8/MX27ySA9PTmnk+k1iYbkg=”, Nonce=”OGY0OTk4NmNjYjlhNjk0Yg==”, Created=”2014-12-15T11:45:10-05:00″‘ http://orocrm.local/api/rest/latest/segments/1/run.json

    Thank you!

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    Hi guys! Any ideas about this? How to return the results from a custom report using ORO-API?

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