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    I want to use OroPlatform as admin generator.
    As an alternative to Sonata Admin.
    Have any questions:
    1) How do you think it is a good idea?
    2) I know very well symfony, phpdoctrine, oop and GOS, GRASP and Enterpise patterns.
    Do you think there will be difficult to understand with OroPlatform?
    3) How quickly I can learn OroPlatform now?
    Documentation for developers is very small.
    Many things are logical.
    But some do not, for example: non-standard registration bundles (why?), routing.
    Please advise tutorials for developers!

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    Alexandr Smaga


    Thanks for good questions!
    1) It’s good idea on my opinion if you planning to implement complex business application that needed features which already implemented in platform.
    2) No, it’s not difficult. We tried to follow symfony’s best practices, so onboarding process will be easy for developers that are aware symfony and doctrine.
    3) Depends on your programming level.

    But some do not, for example: non-standard registration bundles (why?), routing.

    We have about 5 different editions, and changes in global config files on app level became unsupported for us, and another thing that using symfony native way for bundle install stuck us when we were developing UI package installer.

    If you have better vision on this please let us know.

    Did you see our developer webinar ?



    Hi there,

    I need to do something like that exactly.

    About the developer webinar (http://oroinc.com/orocrm/blog/news/orocrm-technical-webinar), could you upload the video again @asmaga? Is not working

    Thank you!

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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