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    I created a new custom entity using the GUI and added fields to it.

    Now there is a table in the database: oro_ext_testentity

    I want to populate this with rows of data. I can do it in the GUI manually of course. But is there a way to do it via the API?

    I couldn’t find anything in /api/doc/ related to this. Is there plans for this? Meanwhile should I create an API bundle/extend to allow adding data to an entity via API?

    Also, are there plans to delete entities and fields? I can’t even delete entity data rows. The GUI restricts this right now.


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    Alexandr Smaga


    APIs for custom entities are not implemented yet, so now it’s not possible to do it not through UI. You can implement your own REST/SOAP controller in you bundle in order to met your needs, or feel free to contribute into OroEntityBundle :)

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