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    I’m trying to add a custom filter to a custom field in Case Entity. I have extended the case bundle and did the following:

    1) Created a new filter:

    2) Registered in services.yml:

    3) Created a js file for the filter (Custom/Bundle/CaseBundle/Resources/public/js/filter/group-concat-multiple-filter.js):

    4) And lastly added to requirejs.yml:

    Then when I run the commands (as per here) I get an error:

    I tried different paths in requirejs but it didn’t help. Can someone please guide where I’m going wrong?

    Thank you so much!

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    Andrew Fetisov

    Hi oro_newbie!
    Please recheck your config settings and files again.
    In 3rd step, you said that you created js file with “group-concat-multiple-filter.js” name
    but in it, you refer to “group-concat-filter”. It seems that it does not exist according to “/js/filter/group-concat-filter.js” path



    Hi Andrew,

    If you see the post that I referred to, the 3rd step is similar to what I have done (with SelectFilter and SelectLikeFilter). So I do not think that’s the issue?

    When I run the commands, the js file is not going to the oro/filter bundles folder. I think this is the issue. I’m not sure why it’s not going there though. Is something wrong with my requirejs.yml? How do I define the path?

    Thank you!




    please check next topic https://community.oroinc.com/forum/orocommerce/topic/backbone-component/.
    I think described steps in it will help.

    Feel free to ask questions if will don’t solve the problem.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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