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    Hi everyone,

    am trying to create a bundle which contains 2 Entities Product, and Brand

    in Product Entity I have ManyToOne property with the brand entity

    my issue is when I’m creating new product I need to select brand from the brand entity ,but the brand field is allows showing searching and not returning any results back, I’m not sure what I’m missing but here is some of what I did so Far
    I have selected parts of the code which is relevant

    Form->Type->BrandSelectType Class




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    Hi Murtada,

    I see you’ve made a typo :x

    The second line, I think it should read:

    I’m not sure whether this solves your problem, but this should affect the workings of your search in some way.

    Kind Regards,

    Jaimy Casteleijn



    thanks Jaimy for replaying back

    actually the same typo is also in the parameter so it wouldn’t make any difference, but I have fixed it and the same issue is still there , no results are back

    perhaps if someone can tell me the right way to do , it would be great

    thanks again



    Alexandr Smaga


    I think that you forgot to add you entity to search index.

    Please see /OroCRM/Bundle/AccountBundle/Resources/config/search.yml as example of search configuration for entity.

    After configuration filled properly you have to run app/console oro:search:reindex #Rebuild search index

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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