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    I have an entity CourseOffering which has a schedule attached (OneToMany of CourseOfferingTime entities). I want to ensure that (a) there is at least one CourseOfferingTime in the collection, and (b) that the start < end on each CourseOfferingTime.


    CourseOfferingTime class:

    CourseOfferingType::buildForm contents:

    CourseOfferingScheduleEntryType::buildForm contents:


    But none of the constraints are enforced on the client side or on the server side. (eg: if I add an empty CourseOfferingTime to the form I get a DB constraint violation because start is null, whereas I expect to get a form validation error).

    Any thoughts or advice on what I’ve missed in setting up the validation?

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    Mike Kudelya


    Yes, of course it is a bad idea, but you can override some platform parts in /src directory. Here i described how it works.

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