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    I am using the advanced query api to find platform Users via email address.

    I believe “from oro_user where email = $email” should only return one result; however it is returning many results and the email for the entities returned are not equal to the email.

    If I run “from oro_user where email ~ $email” then fewer results are returned (including the one that I am looking for) but the rest of the results are wrong.

    What am I doing wrong? Am I searching the wrong entity?

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    Yevhen Shyshkin

    Hello, ksharpie.

    For now exact equality operators (=, !=) fully supported only at Elastic Search engine in Enterprise edition. However your case is completely valid and we’ll fix it ASAP.



    I ran into this problem with elastic search as well. The default tokenizer breaks words at ‘@’.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Do you think this will make it into the April release?


    Yevhen Shyshkin

    I’ve tested two cases on ElasticSearch at clear installation:

    1) default search by all_text field – because this field uses nGram tokenizer “match” query will perform search by substring:

    Request: from oro_user where all_text = admin@example.com max_results 10

    2) search by specific field:

    Request: from oro_user where email = admin@example.com max_results 10

    Please, check content of ElasticSearch index (f.e. using kibana tool) and check requests passed to ElasticSearch.


    Yevhen Shyshkin

    > Do you think this will make it into the April release?
    We’ll try, but I can’t guarantee that.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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