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    [Semantical Error] line 0, col 85 near ‘workflowStepLabel’: Error: ‘workflowStepLabel’ is not defined.

    1. Application related information
    – OroPlatform
    – Application Edition: Community

    2. Environment related information:
    – Ubuntu 16.04
    – Web server Nginx

    I have defined a new Workflow for orders. Under the point Sales→Orders i choose in the filters the Workflow. After that i execute a own Massaction funktion. When i try this there is an error:
    „There was an error performing the requested operation. Please try again or contact us for assistance“

    The response is:
    SELECT o.id FROM MarelloOrderBundle:Order o WHERE o IN(:filteredWorkflowItemIds) AND workflowStepLabel IN(:workflowStepLabelByWorkflow247197793) AND workflowStepLabel.id IN(:workflowStepLabelByWorkflowStep941276257)

    When i not choose the filter “workflow”, then the massaction function is exexcuted without any problems.

    Thank you

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    The described error message is, unfortunately, not enough to understand what is wrong. Could you please show me a more detailed your workflow and your own Massaction function?



    Sorry my describtion was not good. I put some pictire for better understanding. I think it is a datagrid problem.

    Here are some picture for better understanding:
    Massaction execute
    Massaction execute
    Massaction execute
    Massaction execute
    Massaction execute

    This my datagrids.yml

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