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    Hello, I just installed Orocommerce on a test machine. I can log into the admin panel, but I get a 404 error on almost every configuration screen: users, product catalog, products, customers, etc. Basically every option along the top menu bar gives a 404 error, but everything on the left panel under System Configuration and Commerce seems to work fine.


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    OK, I am using Apache 2.4.7 and set up a Virtual Host pointing to the /web folder of the project. I also set up a CNAME of and used that as the ServerName in my Virtual Host config. When I click on a link, it tries to open and gives a 404 error. If I shorten the url to then it works.

    I set up all of the virtual host config after I had installed the application, should I re-run the installation wizard?


    Hi John,

    It may not be necessary. You can try to change the Application URL in the System -> Configuration -> General Setup -> Application Settings section, and clean the cache:

    Let us know if it helps.

    Thank you,



    Works perfect, thanks!

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