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    With the help of price list, we know we can make a different price based on the ordered quantity.
    Here is my question
    I have Product A1 Product A2. A1 and A2 have different SKU, but their only difference is they have different color.
    And in the price list , if you order 5 A1 with get a price P1. Also, so does A2
    Here is my question:
    The count is based on SKU.
    Only I order 5 A1, can I get the price P1.
    Only I order 5 A2, can I get the price P1.
    When I order 2 A1 & 3 A2, I can’t get price 1.

    I tried to use the feature of “variant products” to make it right. I still cann’t get a good result.
    Do you have a good plan? Or it’s a feature waiting for publish.



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    Hello Brian,

    I understand what you are trying to achieve but the quantity and prices are always taken from the simple product. So the price is based on the order quantity of the simple product only. Let me give you an example: we have iPhone as a product with different memory size variations like 32GB and 64Gb. I set my price for 5 iPhones 32GB as P1 and for 5 iPhones 64GB as P2. Now if someone orders 3 iPhones 32GB and 2 iPhones 64GB on the same order we cannot let him buy all 5 of them with P1 or P2 price, P1 would mean that we are selling 2 iPhones 64GB for the price of 32GB and P2 would mean we are selling 3 iPhones 32GB for the price of 64GB. That is why the price is calculated based on the simple product quantity only.

    Hope this helps.



    in this case, if two products only have minor difference which has no impact to the price, we cann’t count price in one price list. For example different color of iPhone 5 32GB, 2 silver ones and 3 gold ones will not use the price 5 level in the price list.


    Hi Brian,

    That’s right, it is not possible yet.

    What do you think would be a convenient way to manage price tiers across multiple products? How do you do it in ERP or other systems you use(d)?

    Thank you,



    We use Akeneo, in Akeneo, we use Group to make products in a same price group. so, as to iPhone 5 32GB, silver one and Gold one are in same group.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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