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    Tom Van Overbeke


    I inspected the oroneo plugin from synolia, and I found out it only supported v1.1 of Orocommerce.
    However Orocommerce is now already at v1.6 / 3.1

    I tried to install oroneo on the 3.1 beta, and it wouldn’t install, it insisted on orocommerce version 1.1.x

    Does anyone use akeneo with a more recent version than 1.1? If so, is it just a matter of changing the dependencies, or does it require more hacks than that?

    Also, I noticed that there are several tables with akeneo in the oro db, are these tables related to oroneo, or is there some other interaction possible between Akeneo and Orocommerce?

    Thanks for your insights…

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    akeneo_batch_* table in the database are not related to the Akeneo PIM integration.
    You may contact the Akeneo team at https://www.akeneo.com/contact/ to check for the current version of Akeneo – Oro connector.

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